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“We Got the Fire” Released

Day’s latest single, “We Got the Fire”, an anthem for the 2016 Chicago Cubs postseason, is currently available on all major streaming and download sites.

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  • will 30 Sep 16 @ 1:57 PM Reply

    Just saved it in Spotify. I’m hoping you tour and come to Portland.

    • KDadmin 04 Oct 16 @ 11:58 AM Reply

      Thanks, Will! I will let you know if/when I make my way up there!

  • Isaac 28 Oct 16 @ 7:05 AM Reply

    Just heard your AWESOME cubs anthem where can I see you perform the song in Chicago! ?

    • KDadmin 21 Dec 16 @ 12:15 AM Reply

      Hi Isaac! I’ll be playing in Chicago at the G-Man Tavern in Wrigleyville on 1/14 as part of a bigger Cubs related event. Hope to see you there.

  • Drew 05 Nov 16 @ 10:04 AM Reply

    So, your song was a perfect representation of this year. I am a 3rd generation fan and I am still in a daze 3 days later. It’s just so surreal. So yeah, you put the feelings into words.

    • KDadmin 21 Dec 16 @ 12:15 AM Reply

      Thank you so much for this comment Drew! I appreciate it. Go Cubs!!

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