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Katie Day is a San Francisco based musician whose talents are as diverse as her influences. Raised on Neil Young, jazz standards, and Chicago blues, Day took her early piano and guitar training from the midwest to Berklee College of Music in Boston where she began her career as a songwriter and performer in 2004. From there, her love of Americana and roots music drove her to spend three years writing and playing in Nashville, where she recorded the EP Sunny’s Sister. After her 2010 move to San Francisco, Day began to and further expand and develop her sound. She started working with co-producer and mixing engineer Scott McDowell at the iconic Hyde St. Studio C in 2012 and has not looked back since. While her 2012 acoustic release, Going Nowhere, showcases her writing, vocal, and instrumental abilities, her current work, Burn It To The Ground, set for release in June 2014, focuses more on elaborate production and composition. Described as “dreamy indie pop”, Burn It is the perfect soundtrack to a changing musical landscape in which rapidly evolving independent production capabilities are utilized wisely, but quality writing and performance remain king. Day writes, arranges, sings, plays (all instruments with the exception of drums and cello), and co-produces all her original tracks. In addition to writing and recording her solo project, Day also composes music for advertisements, tv, and film. Her ad reel can be viewed below.


Burn It to the Ground EP – June 2014

Going Nowhere EP – 2012 (released under Katherine Day)

Sunny’s Sister EP – 2010 (released under Katherine Day)


“Burn It to the Ground” – Burn It to the Ground

“Time of the Season” – Burn It to the Ground

“Lower Haight Anthem” – Burn It to the Ground

“Not Scared of the Devil” – Burn It to the Ground



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New EP Due Out in Early June

For the past six months, I have been diligently working with co-producer Scott McDowell at Hyde St. Studio C on a new six track indie pop EP, and am proud

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