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After years of performing and recording as a multi-instrumentalist/background vocalist for various bands across the country, Midwest native Katie Day packed up her life (mostly instruments & Chicago Bears merch) to head west.  It was there that a series of heartbreaks, heartbreakings, financial crises, and other misfortunes led her to find her voice, put her foot down, and enter the studio to record her debut solo EP, “Burn It to the Ground”.  The opening line off Burn It, “Back when we were young, and freedom was the West Coast, and we were gonna take what’s ours and not let go..” is indicative of the overarching theme of the album. It’s a story of dream maintenance, of a refusal to fold. The general vibe of Burn It is one of lightheartedness, an ethereal ode to the passion and ideals of youth, a laugh in the face of a harsh and unforgiving adult world.  Deemed as “dreamy indie pop” and likened to Washed Out, Tame Impala, and M83, Burn It was written (with the exception of Zombies cover, “Time of the Season”), co-produced, and performed almost exclusively by Day. With such a diverse range of talents and a new EP due out in the fall of 2015, Katie Day is surely an artist to keep your eye on.


Burn It to the Ground EP – June 2014

New EP due out fall 2015


Full album available on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, etc.

“Burn It to the Ground” – Burn It to the Ground

“Time of the Season” – Burn It to the Ground

“What Do You Got” – Burn It to the Ground

“Not Scared of the Devil” – Burn It to the Ground



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New EP Due Out in Early June

For the past six months, I have been diligently working with co-producer Scott McDowell at Hyde St. Studio C on a new six track indie pop EP, and am proud

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In addition to performing and recording her solo project, Day also composes music for ads, film, and digital video content.

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